Dating Tips For Women – Why First Kisses Go Bad

Dating Tips For Women

If you have ever been on a first date, you have probably had an awful kiss moment. This is one of the most important things I have to teach men about because it’s mostly our fault. But the truth is that women never really help us.

Dating Tips For Women:

If a man takes you on a date there is a 90% chance he wants to kiss you. He is only waiting and really just paying his taxes until you give him the sign that he has: spent enough money, told enough good stories, spent enough time with you.

What you need to know is that men cannot always read your signals.

I know that it’s hard to believe but all of those subtle little signals you are sending out are only understandable to other women. I have stood next to a student while a woman kept leaning in closer and closer to his mouth and he didn’t realize what was happening.

She would close her eyes, tilt her head and lean in toward his mouth. He wouldn’t react and she would rock back out. I had to sneak up behind him and tell him that I would punch him in the kidney if he didn’t kiss her.

That might seem extreme but it was the only way that woman was ever going to get kissed.

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First Date Advice:

The worst thing that can happen on a first date is the awkward front door moment. I spend so much time teaching my male students how to avoid it, but it always amazes me how many women will actively create this socially awkward moment.

So how do you have a great first date? The earlier you kiss on a first date the better! There’s just too much pressure to try to force a first date kiss at the end of the evening. He is only pretending to listen to your story about your sister’s new job.

All he’s thinking about is that moment. Is she going to kiss me? Is she not going to kiss me? Am I wasting my time? If you ever wonder why men don’t remember anything you say on a first date, that’s why. It’s a constant track running through the backs of their minds.

Now you know that it’s best to kiss early-on in your date… BUT, how do you get him to kiss you? Is there a first date kissing technique?

Of course there is! I wouldn’t leave you hanging…

First Date Tips For Women:

I am going to teach you a kissing technique that has been passed down from male dating coach to male dating coach for generations. This is the first kissing move I ever tried, and it worked great.

Just say to him, “Do you want to kiss me?

Now I know that sounds scary, but don’t worry. There is an escape hatch. Besides, don’t you want to know early on if you are with a guy who’s not interested?

When you ask him for a kiss, there are only three possible answers: Yes, No and Maybe.

  • YES – “Then what are you waiting for?” and give him a kiss.
  • NO – “Oh, you just looked like you were thinking about something.”
  • MAYBE, “Let’s find out,” and the ball is in his court.

By moving the kiss forward in the date you avoid creating an awkward situation and greatly increases your odds for a second kiss later! Go ahead a give him a kiss early on in the date and avoid that awkward front door moment. It forces you to recall way too many movies and that’s something you really want to avoid.

So just get it out of the way so you can have a nice first date.

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  1. Elisabeth
    7 years ago

    T-Dub – assuming you wrote each of these articles – you are such a good writer, and all your help tips are filled with great information AND crack me up! Thanks for the tutelage on relationships – how to keep them, how to keep them hot, and whether or not to keep them at all! I am already married, and these articles of yours are inspirational and help to keep the spark alive. You and your advice are Awesome, keep it up!

  2. Elisabeth
    7 years ago

    Jonathan Green – thank you for these articles too! You and T-Dub are fantastic!

  3. Selene
    6 years ago

    Well, I don’t really understand this article. I don’t want to be kissed on my first date! I want to go out with a guy I like to get to know him better and see IF he can be right for me and viceversa. You need more time to get that intimate and you need to be in love.