Where to Find Good Men When You Think They’re All Taken

Where to Find Good Men

There’s a bit of myth that circulates a woman’s mind (often wildly perpetuated by media) that unless you’re gay or already married, all the good men are gone.

Sorry gals but that’s simply not true.

There is a vast world out there full of eligible men that very well could turn out to be your very own Mr. McDreamy… if you know how to look for him.

The first step in finding something you’re looking for or attracting that thing that you want most is to get really clear about just what the heck you want in the first place. And this works just the same when needing to learn how to attract men.

This Holds True for Finding Mr. Right As Well…

You need to know what kind of guy you want in your life for the long haul before you can even attempt to narrow down the field and figure out where to find him.

Sound a little science-like? It almost sort of is!

Think about it for a moment though.

If you know very specifically the traits you do and do not want in a man it gives you the ability to quickly (and more importantly painlessly) move through the masses and walk away from a man that doesn’t fit your personal “Man Picture” without hesitation. (Don’t confuse this with GGR’s MHAP however which I cover in detail in the Girl Gets Ring Course.)

You don’t wind up involved in messy relationships with men you will never be able to live with long-term because you already know (based on your personal “Man Picture”) exactly the type of guy you want to settle down with.

It also allows you to find said man much easier by avoiding places you know he absolutely would not be caught dead in.

Here’s a Helpful Tip on How To Meet Men:

It’s a bit like sales, marketing, and “Customer Avatars”; only applied to relationships and your own personal likes and dislikes in a mate.

In sales an ideal customer avatar is created based on all the characteristics market research has shown would make up a person most interested in a particular product or service.

Then based on that customer avatar and all of those characteristics, targeted sales materials are created to sell specifically to that (fictional) person.

This has been shown to narrow down a target market and drastically increase sales conversions.

By the same token, if you create your own ideal personal “Man Picture” made up of all the traits and characteristics in a man that you absolutely adore… you know exactly who you are looking for.

You are then better able to figure out just where this man might be found and won’t waste valuable time or wind up battling heartbreak (to quote an old country song) by “looking for love in all the wrong places”.

In Girl Gets Ring I talk about something called the Waterfall Characteristic. In a quick nutshell it’s basically a single driving character trait you are looking for in a man that when you find it… you find the man that also tends to have a lion’s share of all those other character traits you’re looking for.

Suddenly that man’s chances of being Mr. Right are increased exponentially. But you won’t know that single driving character trait or any of those other traits if you don’t first take some time to get really clear on who Mr. Right really is to you.

Before Seeking Out How to Attract a Man, Do This First:

Create a mental picture of Mr. Right and then you can start putting yourself in his path by frequenting places he is most likely to be found. Here are some sample questions to help you snapshot your personal “Man Picture”:

  • What does he look like?
  • Is his hair long?
  • Is his hair short?
  • Is he clean-shaven or somewhat scruffy?
  • What does he like to do?
  • Where does he like to hang out?
  • Who does he like to hang out with?
  • What sort of job does he have?
  • Is he into manual labor?
  • Does he have a desk job?
  • Is he funny?
  • Is he serious?
  • Is he athletic?
  • Is he a fascinating blend of all three?
  • Does he like books?
  • Does he like art?
  • Does he like to cook?
  • Does he prefer sushi over BBQ?
  • Does he prefer t-shirts or dress shirts?
  • Does he like wearing boots or flip-flops?

As you can see these questions can get pretty specific. You can be as broad or as narrow as you want but the clearer a picture you can get of Mr. Right the better your chances of spotting him when he drifts into your orbit.

Now Go Find Mr. Right!

Once you have that personal “Man Picture” in place you should then have a good starting point on where to begin looking for him based on his most dominant characteristics and you can begin placing yourself onto a path of collision. (I know! The space metaphors are awesome… what can I say, I’m on a roll.)

Careful though because you may find this strategy winds up placing more than one Mr. Right in your path which then leaves you with (gasp) options!

For obvious reasons you don’t want too many of those but it never hurts to have more than one apple to choose from right?

And there you were, thinking all the good men were taken. You just didn’t know how to attract men that are right for you!

How about you? Do you have any thoughts on where to find good men? Please do tell in the comments below.

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  1. Jenna
    6 years ago

    I know who I want but not WHERE he likes to go or who he hangs out with. If I did I would have found him. That’s why I am gong places I enjoy and doing things I am passionate about in hopes of meeting him along the way. Not much luck so far though. There are not too many places to go in our town. No hiking trails, dog parks, meet-ups, healthy oriented bars, bike clubs. Only Starbucks and a kids park, canoe club and tennis courts no one uses So I go dancing, potlucks, meditate, hike, ride my bike, walk around downtown if I have time. Does anyone have any good ideas on where to meet healthy, active middle aged men 38-55?

  2. Jenna
    6 years ago

    It seems like there is no one reading this and no one to answer questions. Makes me wonder about the course….

  3. Lisa
    6 years ago

    I think this “course” is a scam. No one answers the questions on here and the “advice” in the book is bullsh*t. I’ve done everything to the letter and the guy I want is nowhere closer to wanting me than when I wasted my money on this garbage.

  4. Veronica
    6 years ago

    I have found a lot of good men that I would of stayed with if I didn’t feel I was wasting my time it seemed as if they only wanted a girlfriend not a wife I am sure I have giving these men reason to go yellow light even red just want to turn it green and keep it there

  5. Violet
    6 years ago

    It is good to know that Mr. Right is in some place and I just need to be smart and go to find him.
    Good idea! I will start tomorrow, I have a pretty good idea about him.
    By the way I love your article. Thank you.