Looking For Mr Right? Discover What Attracts Men Most!

Attract Him

There are good men to be found the world over despite popular claims to the contrary.

Just think how much the world’s population has increased since the stone ages! 🙂

Sheer numbers mean there’s an almost limitless pool of men that are not only good men, but strong, honest, loyal and loving men. (Not to brag, but I happen to be one of them.)

It becomes even easier to find those men when you learn how to get really clear about what you do and don’t want in a mate.

We’re big on that in Girl Gets Ring.

Once you know what you do and don’t want, you’ve got a better idea of just where to go when looking for Mr Right.

But are good men really only ever found at places like church or your Aunt Norma’s Sunday potluck?

And are the men found at bars or nightclubs really only out for one thing?

Not necessarily.

Just like wearing a football jersey doesn’t make a guy a football player… going to church doesn’t make him a “good man”.

Unfortunately plenty of hypocritical jerks attend church as well.

And even if he is a good man, it doesn’t mean he’s Mr. Right for you. (But you knew that already didn’t you?)

By the same token, just because you met a man at a bar doesn’t mean he should automatically be relegated to fling status. Not all men that frequent the local hot spots are just looking for a roll in the hay.

The problem is not that there are no good men to be found, it’s that your idea of a good man is influenced by the ideals of the world around you, instead of your own.

These ideals say your man must be perfect or he’s not the man for you.

So What’s a Self-Respecting Woman Looking For Love to Do?

Stop chasing perfection!

Recognize that men are only human, just like you. While standards are certainly a good thing, impossibly high standards only serve to derail your path to love.

Open yourself up to possibilities.

It’s definitely essential to be clear on the do or die qualities you want in a guy, but you also need to be careful you don’t wrongly make assumptions about a man based on petty things such as where you happened to meet.

And when looking for Mr. Right, remember this:

Don’t rule out a guy and his potential because of a single flaw, when everything else about him makes your knees weak.

Let go of all preconceived notions you’ve been ingrained with about finding Mr. Right (because he doesn’t exist) and open yourself up to meeting Mr. Almost Right, wherever he may be found.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, it’s that chasing perfection in any endeavor is a no-win situation. There is no person or a thing on this planet that could ever be dubbed “perfect”. It’s simply an unattainable goal and even self-sabotaging in some cases.

Instead of accepting a really good man as he is, flaws and all, it becomes a case of the woman trying to change the man to fit into her idealized version of “Mr. Right”.

Before they know it there’s resentment, anger, and confusion between them that throws them into an emotional quagmire of muck. The happily ever after they were hoping for becomes not so happy after all.

Figure out your must-haves in a man and then let the Universe do the heavy lifting; allow the rest of the chips to fall where they may.

Looking For Mr. Right? It Starts With YOU!

Chasing perfection can become almost a habit.

To keep yourself from falling into the trap of endlessly searching for the unattainable stop focusing so much on that perfect man you want to find and switch your focus to yourself.

Live your life, explore your passions, and live it up doing the things you love to do all on your own. In looking for love, this is extremely important

what attracts men most is a woman with a strong passion for living. That passion for living spills over into every aspect of her life and literally lights her up in a way that’s downright irresistible.

What happens when you do that is you then become a magnet for men that share your passions. Men that love the same things you love and want to experience the same adventures you want to experience.

And when you find a man that shares your passions and wants to share your adventures, you’re well on your way to finding the guy that’s perfect for you, regardless of his flaws.

The reality is that most relationships that become strong and lasting marriages are made between two people that were willing to work at being great.

Two people that realized there is no perfection on this plane of life.

Almost Mr Right was just that… almost right.

Over to you.

Do you strive for perfection in your life? Does your habit in seeking perfection spill over into your search when looking for love? Has a relationship been derailed because you couldn’t accept your man without trying to change him? Please share your story in the comments below!

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  1. Tina
    7 years ago

    You are absolutly right ! That is exactly how to find the right guy. That is the best advice I have heard. Thats also is the same as living your life . Not what you think someone wants you to be.

    Tina M Smith

  2. Ms Almost Right
    7 years ago

    Mr Right can be wrong, that is why he can be Mr Almost Right! I get it! 😎

  3. Sajan
    7 years ago

    Awesome..Awesome. Actually one of the best articles in this cateogory. Especially “The reality is that most relationships that become strong and lasting marriages are made between two people that were willing to work at being great” hats off.

  4. heart
    7 years ago

    right! thank you!!!

  5. ANN
    7 years ago

    Best advice ever..thnx alot.

  6. lea
    7 years ago

    how do you know if your just fling, what are the signs?

  7. Michelle
    7 years ago

    Great advice, a lot of people are hung up on finding perfection from the get go.

  8. Ciku
    7 years ago

    Thank you. All i needed.

  9. Isabelle
    6 years ago

    Well, I met Mr Right a d completely screwed it up. He was amazing in every way….except for the ambiguity week after out first weekend getaway which resulted in our first intimate encounter – which was champagne induced to say the least. He freaked out and withdrew…although keeping texts to a bare minimum, he never called nor was he as warm and close to me as beforehand. I kept asking for him to just call me….and he held congress with his twin brother, who was his advisor in everything personal. He didn’t call on valentines day…the day after the encounter. He didn’t call for a week and when the weekend rolled around he texted that he had a stomach bug. On the date he presented me with a custom inscribed frame of our first letters saying “our first memory” and that he was falling in love with me. The no contact except for brief texts pissed me off so much I flipped out and assumed the worst…the awkward avoidance was “oh no I think I just got played” and blasted him with my hurt in an insulting email accusing him of treating me like an escort.
    He replies in shock in an email to state that he divorced his wife in less than a year by ambush because of her temper and did not want to see me again because of my reaction.
    I apologised and we tried but to no avail as he then decided not to be exclusive with me but didn’t tell me until after we were together again. So, maybe he wasn’t mr right after all but he hurt me by saying his feelings had not diminished, rather the opposite but my actions killed any chance of us being a good match. He said he didn’t call because he got scared.
    …and now I can’t get over it a d I’m really angry he dragged me through the humiliation of trying to get back together when all along he might not have been available on valentines day or on the weekend because he was seeing others . I will never know. His brother did the do not call him anymore email to me. What a wretched way to end what was a grand start.
    Was I played?
    So…now, here I sit thinking this guy was in love and marriage minded but because he refused to follow through like a gentleman should do on valentines day and after the first intimacy, he got me so angry paranoid and reactionary, it was apparently all my fault that he went looking for the perfect wife in someone else. Owch

  10. Sandra
    6 years ago

    Trust your instincts – he DID withdraw. Now, your reaction may not have helped the situation, but ultimately if he really cared for you, he would realize that he hurt you and at least have compassion for that, even if you are in the wrong.

    Move on from this guy; you will find a more fulfilling relationship.


  11. Marcy Aldridge
    6 years ago

    I totally agree with this. How many couples end up getting married, and on the first date, they didn’t feel the spark. Weren’t even attracted to each other. But they had a few things in common, so they reluctantly had the second date. Then found out that they actually liked the person. Or thought that they would be worth pursing more. Looking for Mr. Perfection does not work. I’m divorced myself and all these people on these dating sites are zapping people off because they don’t look perfect to them. God knows, we’re definitely not perfect!!

    I think the best thing to do is take a class, or join a club, something that you, yourself, enjoy and there may be a member of the opposite sex there, that right off the bat, you have something in common. See if you could become friends with them, first. BEFORE thinking of anything further. Great friendships grow great relationships. And find someone you can laugh with, and who doesn’t take life so serious.

    I find people mellow with age and don’t sweat the small stuff. So true. So relax, take it easy and see if you can meet “friends” along the way. One’s that you’re not eyeing them as a potential “husband.” Men don’t look at women as wives when they first meet them. They just happen to think they want to talk to you and take it from there. Women stop trying so hard and just go with the flow!!

  12. janet
    6 years ago

    I’ve had a wall in front of me my first 29 years.
    Becuz I was concerned about my past(alcoholic egotistical parent; traumatic head injury;epilepsy; druggy egotistical step-dad; including 3 rapes; effecting my decisions on partnership for life. I also am methodical. Does that make any sense?? I had low self-esteeem too.

  13. Tanya
    6 years ago

    I love Mr Almost right next to me.I like his flaws, it makes him real. Lets have fun

  14. Debbie
    5 years ago

    Yes I was married for 20 yrs he was an recovering alcoholic that fell off the wagon. Made me and my children very sad many more times than I’d like to mention, I thought by being a good person he would eventually follow suit, it wasn’t in him to do so. But yes I agree don’t go into any relationship thinking your going to change him, love him for who he is!!

  15. mokgatsana
    4 years ago

    I’m looking for mr right but sometime I’m so quite doesn’t know what to say most of the time thinking maybe I might be hurry on things