How To Ruin a First Date

How To Ruin a First Date

How to Ruin a First Date

It’s amazing how often I see women make mistakes that can kill a date before it even gets started. You are out to have a good time and you want to be yourself, but there is some information you just want to save for later on.

I have been on hundreds of first dates and there are a few things that a woman can do to kill my attraction for her instantly. It’s true that men are visual, but having nice looks just gets you a first date, if you do something weird you can ensure that there is never a second date.

Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make #1: The Ex Factor!

One of the biggest mistakes women do on a first date is talk about an ex. I have seen the entire spectrum of women who do this and it’s NEVER a good idea. I have been on dates where women talk about how their last boyfriend was abusive and now he’s in jail, how they have had sex with over 100 men and the last one was just a few hours ago, how they are still in love with their ex, how a certain ex was the best lover ever, how her last boyfriend was the one but just didn’t realize he should marry her.

I could go on and on. I have seen it dozens of times and every time I without exception I think about how inappropriate it is. Even if I tell a woman that it’s not OK to talk about her exes, usually she won’t stop. Because she has made it a part of her character.

I can usually tell a lot about someone based on the stories they tell in conversation. Younger women often only have stories about their parents or siblings. A little later in life, women have stories about their friends. Before long, some only have stories about their exes.

If a woman only has stories about her exes this tells me several things about her. She is perpetually in relationships and that is a big red flag for me. I want to be with a woman who is complete on her own, as I detail in my GirlGetsRing course. I also know that a girl ditches her friends as soon as she’s in a relationship, otherwise she would be telling stories about them.

When I hear about a woman’s exes I start to compare myself to them and I don’t like that. I only talk about my exes in my books and blog posts, I never talk about them on dates. I don’t want to make a woman I’m with uncomfortable and you shouldn’t do it to a man. You might be thinking right now that there is an exception to the rule, but there really isn’t. Talking about your exes is always awful on a first date.

Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make #2: Talking Marriage!

I talk extensively in the GirlGetsRing course about my one blind date. My dad set me up with a girl who was just awful. One of the many mistakes she made was asking questions that let me know she was clearly husband shopping.

Let me be clear: I want you to marry me because you think I’m amazing, not because you want to be married!

Husband auditions remove every single piece of specialness from a relationship. Why would you ever want to do that? It’s ok to screen a man and see if he’s good husband material, but don’t be OBVIOUS about it.

Do not ask a man if he wants to get married, if he wants to have children, where he sees himself in five years, etc.

All these questions are big red flags. I’ve actually recently decided that I’m finally old enough to consider settling down — but these questions still freak me out.

Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make #3: The Interview!

I’m a savvy conversationalist. I have written several books on dating and communication, given numerous lectures and personally trained hundreds of men on ways to improve their conversational and dating skills…and yet I still go on boring dates.

Some women will do whatever it takes to be on a boring date.

Here is a secret about women: you will ask boring questions and then get upset with a man for giving boring answers. This is a huge problem in online dating that I discuss in The Perfect Profile – women make boring profiles and then can’t figure out why they are getting boring emails.

When looking for first date tips it’s important to NOT ask questions! Yep, you heard right… A normal conversation is a flow of statements. When you are talking to your friends, it is almost always a group of people taking turns telling stories. The only time we get asked questions is at job interviews and on bad dates.

I know that sometimes you are both nervous and can’t make the conversation flow. So it is OK to ask questions – they just have to be open ended. Don’t ask him where he works. How much money he makes. Does he have any brothers and sisters. What’s his favorite color. How was the commute to work.

You want to ask interesting questions:

  • What’s your best friend like?
  • Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater? Why?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
  • What makes you happy?

I know these are deeper questions, but there is nothing worse than being boring. It’s the ultimate curse on a woman and it’s just as bad as being called desperate.

If you can avoid these three biggest dating mistakes your chances of getting a second date will start going a lot better. And that will make life so much easier.

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  1. Susan
    6 years ago

    I Love it… Some women will do whatever it takes to be on a boring date!! But it’s not only women who do the OH SO Boring deal!!! I wish more men were savvy conversationalists, most don’t talk about anything but work or sports or their exes, when there is the whole wide world to talk about!