How Do You Know if a Guy Likes You? Body Language Signs

How To Tell If He Likes You

I think he likes me but… he hasn’t asked me out yet! What’s up with this dude?
Sound familiar?

Relax, you’re not alone. Mixed signals are a common problem between men and women and just because you’re receiving mixed signals it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you.

He might like you a ton, but have no clue that you like him back or that you’d even be interested in going on a date with him.

That’s why it’s important to give men the opportunity to ask you out. We cover this ground thoroughly in the Girl Gets Ring Guide, but the long and short of it is that you need to give men not just one opportunity to ask you out, but a lot of opportunities to ask you out.

We can be dense creatures, so it’s important for you to make it easy for us if it seems like we’re faltering a bit in the bravery department.

But how do you know when to start giving a guy all those opportunities? How do you know he even really likes you in the way you’re hoping?

Signs a Guy Likes You Body Language:

Body language can be a great indicator on if a guy likes you. It’s often the non-verbal communication that speaks volumes and broadcasts the loudest. Study a guy’s body language and notice whether or not he seems to be intent on invading your personal space.

  • Does he touch you casually but more often than really necessary?
  • Does he like to be close to you?
  • Does he make eye contact with you and hold it a little longer than necessary?
  • Does he look away quickly, like he doesn’t want you to think he’s staring?
  • Does he smile at you a lot?
  • Does he always seem to wind up nearby, even if you are talking to different people?

All of these can be good indicators he does indeed have a thing for you. That also probably means that it’s time for you to create those opportunities I mentioned earlier to get him to ask you out!

How To Know If a Guy Likes You Tip:

Besides body language to learn if a guy likes you, notice his interactions with his pals as well. When a man likes a girl, his buddies are usually very aware of it. And often it’s an invitation for ribbing and teasing.

Maybe his friends are hiding smiles when you’re around, like they know a big secret. Or they tease him subtly, giving him a hard time in front of you. Men like to bust each others balls when they know one of their own likes a girl, and if you pay attention you’ll catch those moments for yourself.

Maybe they ask you questions, trying to poke around and see how you feel about him in return. If you’re paying attention, a man’s friends can offer a lot of signals that a guy is really into you.

If a man has made it clear to his friends that he likes a girl, he’s probably hoping that it will get back to you in some way or another. This can tell you what you want to know…and it will make it easier for him to figure out if you like him in return.

Again, we men are big scared-y cats at times and we need to know that asking you out isn’t going to make us feel all awkward and embarrassed. It’s up to you to make it clear to us that won’t happen and give us all those opportunities I mentioned.

Listen To Know If a Guy Likes You …

A man that likes you may be very intent about asking you questions and carrying on a conversation with you. Even when you’re interrupted he will often try to steer the conversation back on track.

He may make a point to call you by your first name often, which can be a sign he’s giving you more thought than you realize. (Maybe even more the he himself realizes!)

He might be playful, or say things just to get your attention, maybe even tease you a little bit…

While these are not necessarily hard and fast signals that he’s smitten, when combined with any of the above mentioned behaviors, they can be a pretty solid bet he does indeed have a thing for you.

How to Get Him To Ask You Out…

Ditch your herd of girlfriends, and give him a moment or two alone with you. Say hi, smile warmly and mention something casual, like how you and some friends are going to see a movie tomorrow if he wants to join you.

Focus on making yourself as approachable as possible. The less stressful a situation he finds himself in, the more willing he will be to let down his guard, be real, and ask you out on a date.

Again, sometimes you have to give him a very clear signal that you’re open to him asking you out, because some men really just don’t see the signs.

So tell me… is there a guy in your life giving you mixed signals? Do you think he likes you but he still hasn’t asked you out yet?

Are you making it easy for him to approach you? I’d love to hear how you’ve made it easy for a guy to ask you out in the comments below.

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  1. Vivian
    7 years ago

    How do one knows when a guy likes her through a social media

  2. Debbie
    7 years ago

    What if the man came from an hour drive we had a beautiful date sports bar watched a game laughed talked went to a party hung out till the crack of dawn then he leaves and kind of silent I call ask how he’s doing? He says I still want to hang out with you I just want to take it slow and see where this goes? What the heckI’d he trying to keep me aroDund for convience….

  3. Carol
    7 years ago

    Hi, I am on a cyber distant relationship. He invited me to meet him at his country, cancelled twice. I decided to go to see his country anyway to avoid losing the air ticket paid by me. He than changed his mind and wants to be at the airport to collect me and asked me to spend the first night with him.
    Which after much deliberation and receiving 2 emails reminder of his intentions, I replied saying OK I accept it. NOW, after asking friends, they are in the opinion that all he wants is a cyber sex with me, and end it. I noticed on his facebook page that recently he has changed his marital status as in a relationship, after writing to me offering to collect me at airport. He has not invited me for his face book page with friends and family. He had a 2nd account to correspond with me only, which when asked why the 2 accounts, he has deleted this 2nd account and never invited me for his 1st account. I am confused by his attitude. We used to email daily. Now no longer. Pls. help, thanks.

  4. Hally
    7 years ago

    I met a guy about a month ago, we had a great time.
    He always text me since then, and said he’s interested.
    But his not asking me out again.
    He always tells me he’s very busy with his work.
    I don’t know what to do and I really need your help.

  5. Teresa
    7 years ago

    Hi there’s this guy that i am really into, who i really wanna be with… But he says things like ” I am not ready to be in a relationship”, But his actions says differently because we hang out a lot with each other.. He texts to see how I am if he doesn’t heard from me..but at times he can be very distant from me which I get so confused about.

  6. Guys Advice
    6 years ago

    Watch out for Cyber Relation ships from other countries.

    Many times the men are scammers from Nigeria and not from the country they say they are from and use someone else’s photos.

    Nigerian Romance Scams
    Article about Nigerian Romantic scams aimed at duping loverstruck victims.
    Nigerian Romance scams, otherwise known as 419 Romance scams, are usually run over a longer period of time than other variants in the 419 fraud genre, but if they are successful, they can be the most damaging 419 scam.

    This is the only major variant of 419 fraud that doesn’t offer money as the reward, but it offers a partner for the victim. This particular variant is on the rise and as always is initiated by the scammer through email, or through dating/social websites. The scammer will pretend to be an attractive member of the opposite sex and will typically provide the victim fake photos. This is what is often referred to as a `long con` meaning for it to be truly successful it is done over a much larger time span that the other examples of 419 fraud. If it is successful, it can steal a lot more money than the other examples, and of course this has the added impact of being very psychologically damaging to its victim as well.

    These scams can operate for months before the first payment is requested. The email relies on the scammers building a relationship with the victim. The scammer will pretend to have a lot in common with the victim including hobbies and philosophical outlooks. Once a relationship is established, the scammer will turn the conversation to them coming to the victim’s country for a meeting.

    Typical requests for payments with these sorts of scams can vary a lot because of the nature of the scam is vaguer and has no specific purpose like the other examples here. But popular reasons we have seen include –

    Cost of Travel: The scammer will explain to the victim that they are poor and cannot afford to travel to the victims country, and request payments so that they can meet.

    Ill Family: The scammer will tell the victim that a member of the scammers family is ill and they need help with medical costs.

    Like most 419 scams, the scammer will request the victim pay them via an untraceable method such as through an online wire transfer service like Western Union.

  7. luann
    6 years ago

    westare at each other and it is a long and felt stare- he came to our union celebration- which he never has done as well as came from home and asked for me and hung out with me there with all our co workers -:) but today i asked him to go have a beer and burger and he said no and i asked why and he said he told me and i said i forgot but he did not tell me again. that was last july that he said he was seeing someone but does NOT have a girlfriend!! i will NOOT give up on him. i am SO smitten over him that i never felt this way before and i am gonna try everything i can to get him, without pushing him. i will just deep staring and smiling and not ask him to go out. i will wait till he does. am looking forward to telling you the positive and happy journey of us to come. god help me too. thank you

  8. Helina Asumadu
    6 years ago

    i have this guy whom i truely want to marry. he is a soldier and my mum does not want me to marry him. we’ve been friends for sometime now. he texted me that will i marry him. But anytime he comes to my place he behave as if hr does not love me. He sometimes send me love messages but he hasn’t say anything to me. i text him to findout whether his intention is real but he didn’t reply. i don’t now what to do.

  9. Marie
    6 years ago

    I am very interested in and have a crush on a man I’m getting to know. We have similar friends, which is how we met. Until recently, I thought he had a girlfriend and, through mutual friends, I learned that he thought I was married. (Wow. I had no idea I was giving off a married vibe at all, but good to know!) Anyway, we saw each other recently with a small group of friends. I think it went really well. I flirted, but was still myself. Our body language was good: we sat close to each other, casual touching, lots of eye contact and laughter, etc. I really think I showed interest in him while also enjoying time with the others at the table. Hopefully, I didn’t come on too strong (I don’t think I did.) Unfortunately, we have not had any time alone or one-on-one; just group interactions. At the end of the night, he gave me a wonderful hug and we said good bye. I haven’t heard from him since and I can’t tell if I read the signals wrong, or if he just needs time, or maybe he’s just really busy. He lives out of town, so I know distance will be a factor. I feel a potential connection and would love a first date, but want to respect his need to process or think about me. I know he went through a tough divorce, but has dated since the divorce. My current plan is to give him time, focus on me, and take the opportunities to see and encourage him when I can. I don’t want to come on too strong, so I’m relunctant to contact him without him trying to contact me first. Any thoughts or advice?